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OoO LaLa

So you've made it to my credit journal. Congrats. No, you do not get a cookie.

All my credits are seperated into groups. I'm not going to explain which groups and what's in what. All you have to do is browse and you'll find out.

Yes...I actually did write in the credits. They are hover. Just hold your mouse over the grapic and you'll see who made it. Simple as that.

Makers can join my credit journal to keep track of me. I don't have a problem with that. I do credit everything made for me. More times than most I'm not going to rush off and add it right when I get it. So don't complain if you don't see it up right away.

If you're a maker and you do not see something in my credits that you've made me, I either haven't had time to put it up yet or I decided I didn't want it anymore. I try to clean out my photobucket of the tags and things I don't use often. More than likely if you just recently made me something and you don't see it it's because I haven't had time. Just comment and ask me about it without being bitchy. I may have just forgotten.

I don't use my graphics anywhere but my entries and those are friends only. So don't complain that I don't use what you make me. No, I won't post all graphics ever made for me in my userinfo either. It's tacky and disorganized. Get over it.

Have fun and no bitching.

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